Sunday, January 29, 2012

How to use curtain rods to divide spaces

Using curtains is a creative, budget-conscious way to divide room or spaces in your house. You can choose anything from simple cotton curtains to luxurious velvet drapes. It can divide a home office from a living room. It could hide the kids’ messy play area from your living room. Or, in a loft, it could separate the bedroom from the kitchen from the living area.
Curtain rods are a great way to hang these room dividers. There are three basic ways to hang your curtains with rods.

1. If you are hanging the curtains above an open door frame, the curtain rod can be hung on the wall using standard brackets. The brackets are attached to the wall and the rod is placed in the brackets. This is the same way you hang curtains on a window.

2. Ceiling brackets can be used with your curtain rod to hang the rod from the ceiling. The curtain rod can be as long as you need as long as you have enough support from the ceiling brackets.

3. If you want the curtains to hang from wall to wall, you can use end mount brackets. One side of these brackets is closed and the other is a saddle. You place the curtain rod in the closed bracket and lower it down into the saddle end. You may need one or more brackets to support the curtain rod if it is longer.

You can use decorative finials with options 1 and 2 above. Option 3 uses end mount brackets instead. You can also use rings with any of these options. Holdbacks and/or wands might be helpful if you want to move the curtains to the sides at some point.

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